A boutique group reformer class with a maximum of 5 people. We focus on the integrity of movement, executing proper form with precision. Our intimate classes offer an exclusive environment to safely practice on superior Pilates equipment giving you a challenging and rewarding workout.  


Whether you are an elite athlete or a first time mover Pilates will meet you wherever you are.  You will take what you learn in Pilates to other disciplines and activities helping to improve performance in each. Pilates benefits every+body. 



It has been my pleasure to work with Lucinda since 2008.  In that time I have become strong, flexible and perhaps taller; I have become aware of my body in space and attune to my posture.  Additionally, my pant jacket and pant size have reduced.  Lucinda is deeply knowledgeable about Pilates, the body, and healing.  My great joy of the week is Pilates at Integro.

-Thomas Lavin, Thomas Lavin Inc.

Integro Pilates is my favorite workout! I enjoy the energy in the classes and Lucinda's attention to detail. I've had multiple shoulder surgeries and suffered chronic pain for years. I started at Integro Pilates last year and now I'm pain free, more flexible than I've ever been and connected to my body like never before. My abdominals have never felt stronger and I just generally feel better. I'm one of the few Dads in my neighborhood that can touch his toes!

-Dean Gavoni, CEO Siren Studios

Lucinda is a truly dedicated, smart, sensible and safe Pilates and body expert. Her Pilates approach works so well for anyone because she customizes your individual needs as she leads you through a challenging reformer class. I always feel safe, my body always feels better and I feel the workout suits my daily goals. With Lucinda you get more than a workout. You get a personalized coach who understands body mechanics and has simple doable solutions for minor injuries and aches and pains. She’s a holistic healer who pushes you, but understands when to use a gentle approach. The classes are energetic, never boring and fun. I look forward to my time at Integro and my body thanks me every time.

-Natalie Barandes, CEO/Chief Creative Officer get it…pictures™

I've been working out with Lucinda for over 7 years and I'm so happy that she now owns her studio! She truly cares about the health and well being of each one of her clients and she gives you the attention you deserve in a group setting.  Lucinda is very knowledgeable about Pilates, anatomy, healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. My life has changed for the better after I met her and will only get better with her guidance and classes!  She has helped me through two pregnancies and post baby!  Best Pilates instructor in town, hands down!!!! Not to mention the studio is brand new, super clean and nice!  You will love it!

-Carolina Cavaliere, TV Host/Reporter

Lucinda is an incredible teacher for any level. She really knows the body. So if you're hoping to cheat the hard stuff, forget it. She is super focused and completely dialed-in to every micro-movement, which means she knows, and you feel, you're targeting the exact right muscles. She has trained me through two knee surgeries and a pregnancy, and has gotten me into the best shape of my life [and I was running marathons before I met her]. I am stronger, more toned and I have even discovered my core/abs - something I didn't think was possible after having a kid. The studio, like Lucinda, is incredibly warm and welcoming. No pretention here. I normally don't like group classes, but she has made me a convert. She is able to make everyone, at every level, feel comfortable and competent by customizing movements to keep each person challenged. She makes working hard and staying healthy look easy. I can't recommend Integro Pilates highly enough.

-Alex Sann, Advertising Creative Director

I have been seeing Lucinda for 7 years.  I had been working out with various personal trainers for years and I was continually injuring myself from my workouts.  That changed when I discovered Pilates with Lucinda.  She taught me more about my body than any other trainer.  And as I developed better body awareness I stopped getting injuries.  She is a natural teacher - intelligent, supportive, kind and charismatic.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  Also the new space is clean, bright and well located.

-Doug Inglish, Photographer

I started doing Pilates 7 years ago to address some lower back pain I was struggling with.  I am a huge believer in Pilates for strength, flexibility and a healthy back.  When I moved to LA a year ago it took me awhile to find the right teacher. The first studio I tried was good, but it was intense and rigid and I left feeling stressed out, even though I've been doing Pilates for years.  I'm so grateful that I found Lucinda.  She is a great Pilates teacher.  She has that way of making the class enjoyable, but also pushing you to your edge. I appreciate that she makes Pilates work for you, whatever level you are at, and is always calling your attention to what you need to do to take your Pilates practice to the next level.

The group reformer classes are great and easy to sign up for.  I always find parking on the neighborhood streets.  If you are looking for a Pilates reformer class near West Hollywood, try Integro Pilates.  I'm so glad I found it!

-Kristen Bell, Pilates Enthusiast