3 Ways to Improve Your Posture

1.     Look up! Get your head out of your phone! Texting while standing or walking makes us jut our heads forward and down, this puts undue pressure on the spine and often results in our shoulders rolling forward. If you must be on your phone, bring your hands up towards your face so that you can hold it at eye level. 


2.     Roll your shoulders back and down. They don’t have to stay there all the time (and shouldn’t) but when you sit, stand or walk take a moment to open up your collarbones and draw the shoulder blades on and down your back. This will help open your chest too.


3.     When needed pull your abdominals in towards your spine and up towards your heart, this supports and lengthens your spine. Visualize space between each vertebra of your spine, reaching out through the top of your head. Use your abdominals as a tool, try pulling them in and up when you are sitting or standing for long periods of time to take the pressure off your lower back. Use you abs when picking something up or reaching for something. It’s important to not do this all the time but just when you need them. 

Movement is medicine!